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Updated: Jun 8, 2021

A quiet year for Kingsey Furniture & Interiors? Far from it. The company decided to embrace lockdown and all the Covid-19 restrictions and challenges that had to be faced.

Kingsey continued to do all they could to improve their customers living space.

Families stuck at home have needed more space or at least a better use of space for both children being home schooled perhaps or an area for adults to work from. Naturally, Kingsey Furniture& Interiors have obliged. Busy creating a whole range of design solutions. Utilising both interior and exterior spaces, both large and small.

Despite a fine and on-going reputation for stylish and practical kitchens (see www.kingseykitchens.co.uk) , Kingsey continue to diversify into other parts of the home and even into the garden.

The one constant has been this desire for more space. Space for storage and space to work from. The team have designed customised space efficient wardrobes for the bedroom, work stations in dining rooms and kitchens as well as outdoor garden offices.

Naturally everything designed, built or supplied by Kingsey is of the finest workmanship and materials.

The success of Kingsey Furniture &Interiors is built on their ability to listen carefully to what the clients want and the best and most cost effective way to achieve this. During the recent lockdown period, just as customers were taking stock of their homes, so did Kingsey Furniture & Interiors MD, Fay Branch. She had noticed there was a growing desire for ultra modern sleek designer kitchens. A range that perfectly complimented Kingsey’s own bespoke designs.

German kitchen manufacturers also have a well established reputation for quality of design and materials. As a result, Kingsey are now offering a range of kitchens from Beckermann.

“Beckermann kitchen furniture was selected after careful consideration of the many German Kitchen brands available and our decision was based on the range of styles and features available, as well as the quality of the product and service,” says Fay. “There is no such thing as standard in this collection. They offer so many unique features that we believe enhance the design opportunities, functionality and style of the range, we already offer,” she adds.

Perhaps, during lockdown, you too have been assessing your living space and have a desire to improve it.

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