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Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Exciting things are happening in the bedroom. The humble wardrobe is not so humble anymore. Yet another innovation from Kingsey Furniture &Interiors.

If you think of a wardrobe, do you think of a stand-alone construction made of pine or mdf? Think again. The modern day wardrobe is a thing of beauty.

Especially one designed and built by Kingsey Furniture & Interiors.

With a long-established history for designing stylish and practical kitchens, Kingsey continue to transfer their talents into other parts of the home.

The constant desire for more space has seen the team design customised space efficient workstations in dining rooms and kitchens as well as outdoor garden offices.

Storage solutions are every bit as important in the bedroom as they are in any other room in your home. Thankfully, you don’t have to limit your choice to a box standard ‘off the shelf’ design.

Of course, Kingsey can build a simple stand alone wardrobe, but is this the best use of their creativity and craftsmanship?

People want different things from their wardrobe. On the inside, tall people need higher hanging space perhaps. A home needs to be found fora large collection of shoes? Different sized drawers for different articles of clothing? Drawers that are hidden from view? A rail that pulls down for ease of access? A mirror on the inside?

As for the outside, doors in a shaker style or ultra-modern? Stylish handles, various handle less options or push to open?

Would you like two traditional doors or sliding or bi-fold doors?

What about the finished look? Kingsey use Saviola textured finishes that are100% eco-friendly. Your wardrobe can be a feature of the bedroom with finishes that include leather look, linen or wooden plank finish. The options are endless. If you would prefer the wardrobe to blend into the background, whatever colour the bedroom wall, Kingsey can paint it in a perfectly matched hard wearing paint.

The wardrobe itself can stand alone or be fitted neatly into an alcove or under the eaves. Kingsey are adept at fitting storage into the most unusual of spaces.

Storage solutions in the bedroom don’t reside with the wardrobe alone. Recently, Kingsey have designed and built locker style cupboards that fit under the bed and a vanity unit where the mirror and hair dryer comes up and back down, out of sight when not in use.

Kingsey have also built bespoke floor to ceiling wardrobes in dressing rooms.

Walk in dressing rooms are increasingly popular. You would be surprised how Kingsey can fit them into a standard sized bedroom.

Excellent designs, craftsmanship and materials. It’s no secret why Kingsey are so popular.

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