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Tiny homes are homes that are not as tiny as you think.

A brand new home built on a flat bed that can be wheeled into position, depending on your requirements and where it is positioned planning permission is often not required.

With house prices out of reach for most young adults, a Tiny Home is affordable independence you may want to consider to help them. Tiny Homes are not sheds or flimsy mobile homes. We are talking solidly built, insulated and plastered walls and tiled roofs. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can have under floor heating, air conditioning, double glazed windows, fully functioning luxury kitchen and bathroom, and heaps and heaps of hidden storage. Everything you could want and more from a home. If you are looking for something even more special Kingsey are working with a well known local Architect to develop options that could enable you to be the owner of your unique tiny home with a modern design. Giving you the option of being totally sustainable and off grid.  A Tiny Home is usually single bedroom, but can be two, Tiny Homes prices start from just the same as a luxury car, affordable and bespoke. It could be a new home or even a business opportunity such as an Air B&B perhaps.