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All Bespoke:  The Bedroom, The Hall, The Space Under the Stairs,

The Bathroom, The Study, The Workspace, The Office...and more.

Kingsey Furniture & Interiors Ltd have been making beautiful furniture from this site for over 25 years. During this time, we have produced some of the most amazing commercial furniture, now Kingsey Furniture & Interiors spends all its time committed to bringing the most fantastic interiors to your home.


The Bedroom, The Hall, The Space Under the Stairs, The Bathroom, The Study, The Workspace, The Office.




We are known for making bespoke wardrobes, both free standing and wardrobes to match bedroom furniture, beautiful coffee tables which can be produced to your size requirement and can include ingenious storage.  Media units and media walls for the lounge, or a room of your choosing are in high demand.  Media walls and media units with hidden speaker systems, doors that slide and glide to hide all of the equipment, whatever your needs are we are able to produce bespoke designs and manage the project through to installation.



More recently we have been asked to design, produce and build bespoke outdoor rooms which can be used as an office, half and half shed / office, a spare bedroom, secure storage, a playroom, or a room for Grandparents to stay when they come for the weekend.  We work to your specification be that including a toilet, shower, wet room or a hidden kitchen area, whatever is needed.  


Not forgetting the other rooms and spaces in the house, under the stairs being one.  Utilising this space to the maximum can free up other areas in the house, somewhere to hide the toys away, the tumble dryer, your book or coat collection through to making it storage space for your wine, the list is endless and that space can be useful.  Then there is the study which is probably even more important at the moment, we can design it so there is space for the kids to do their homework,  space for mum and dad to work on their own, space for hobbies, crafts or artwork. 


So, from the front door to the back door and all the corners in between Kingsey Furniture & Interiors are here to help.


The choice of materials available to you is endless, from solid wood to man-made materials and painted finishes, this in turn means that Kingsey Furniture & Interiors can tailor costs to meet your individual budget. 


Kingsey Furniture & Interiors is the home of Kingsey Kitchens & Interiors